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资本’s 护理 direct entry program emphasizes a holistic philosophy in the care of all people. The mission is to educate professional nurse leaders who are committed to promoting health and healing within diverse communities. 资本 nursing 研究生s consistently have some of the highest pass rates in central Ohio for the National Council Licensing Examination.


Making a difference for good, one patient at a time.


More than a career that can bring students success, it is a career of significance. Nurses can be found in a variety of settings from hospitals and clinics to labs, 体育娱乐, 学校, 业务, and even in flight–in air and space! 资本’s School of 护理 is committed to developing professional nurses who combine knowledge and hands-on skills with the ability to think critically and make clinical decisions in the fast-paced healthcare environment. A thorough foundation in the liberal arts helps 资本 研究生s understand and respect the worth and dignity of individual patients and families. Throughout the direct entry program, students will participate in laboratory practice in the school’s skills laboratories in state-of-the-art simulation facilities both at 资本 and at affiliating partner healthcare agencies.

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  • 医院或诊所护士
  • 职业健康护士
  • 社区卫生护士
  • 家庭健康护理
  • 卫生政策专家
  • 护士教育工作者
  • 公共卫生护士
  • 专业护理



Faculty Advising from Start to Finish


of Students Who Attend 资本 Receive Financial 援助/Scholarships

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“Holistic nursing is a big part of the nursing curriculum here at 资本. Our professors are great at explaining what it means and how to embody it as a nurse in practice. It involves caring for the whole person, addressing not only their physical illness but also assessing their mental, 情感, and spiritual needs and providing assistance in all these areas. I would say that it also extends to me. After learning about the concept, I am able to care for the whole person too."




For students who want to travel abroad, the 护理 program offers short-term exchange programs in Guangxi, 中国, along with opportunities with medical clinics in Central and South America. Students can also spend weekends in impoverished communities in Appalachia to provide health care to the uninsured or underinsured. With such diverse hands-on experiences, student’s calling to help others is sure to be fulfilled at 资本.


Students in 资本’s 护理 program receive a strong liberal arts education, along with a focuses nursing curriculum. 毕业生准备:

  • Use critical thinking and clinical judgement in the process of clinical reasoning to answer, 影响, 或者解决临床问题, 问题, 或问题
  • Demonstrate the holistic caring practice of professional nursing
  • Communicate effectively to collaborate with clients and inter/interprofessional teams
  • Facilitate transitions for self and clients
  • 展示文化能力
  • Function with a variety of systems

Equipped with skills labs with 16 hospital beds, 现代化的考场, and simulation rooms which are equipped with adult and child high fidelity human patient simulators, 资本’s 护理 program trains future healers. Clinical experiences at partner agencies offer access to additional state-of-the-art simulation facilities which provide expanded opportunities for hands-on practice.


The baccalaureate degree program in 护理 and the master's degree program in 护理 at 资本 are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate 护理 教育 (CCNE). 由美国官方承认.S. Secretary of 教育 as a national accreditation agency, the CCNE is an autonomous accrediting agency, contributing to the improvement of the public's health. CCNE ensures the quality and integrity of baccalaureate, 研究生, and residency/fellowship programs in nursing.

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资本’s School of 护理 has joined a partnership with the 护士气候挑战. 护士气候挑战 is a global initiative delivered by Health Care Without Harm in partnership with the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments that aims to mobilize nurses to educate health professionals about the health 影响s of climate change. As one of the most trusted professions worldwide, nurses are ideal advocates for increased climate action in the healthcare sector.


  • 微生物学和免疫学
  • 药理学
  • 生物化学
  • 病理生理学二世
  • 儿科


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